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RIP, Sister Floriane Melinz MSC

RIP, Sister Floriane Melinz MSC

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We offer our condolences to our MSC Sisters and celebrate the long missionary life of Floriane, Croatia, Germany, PNG/ New Britain (37 years), Melbourne

        “Follow me.”   Mt. 4:19

Sr. Floriane MSC – Stephanie Melinz

Born:  10-11-1930 in Turbe, Croatia

First Profession:  3-2-1952

Entered Eternal Life:  23-2-2022 Kew, Vic


20220310 173041

Sr.Floriane heard the Lord’s call while very young and it never left her heart. In spite of facing many difficulties throughout her life, she responded faithfully and strongly to whatever she believed the Lord was asking of her.

Floriane was born into a large and loving Catholic family in Croatia. When she was about ten years old, her parents made the enormous decision to flee their beautiful homeland because of the political changes which were bringing intense persecution to the Church. As refugees they travelled to Germany and were eventually housed in a Refugee Camp. Young Stephanie found the local Catholic Church and involved herself in the youth groups and visitation of the sick.

After the War, when at last the family had the opportunity to migrate to Australia, Floriane expressed her desire to remain in Germany and follow the ‘call’ she felt to be a Missionary and to serve in a Leper Colony. One can only imagine the sacrifice this entailed for her dear parents and family. Floriane was accepted as an aspirant at Hiltrup and her family left for their new country.

At the completion of her Novitiate, she had the joy of being sent to Papua New Guinea where she spent the next thirty-seven years. Her desire to work with Lepers was granted when she was sent to Anelaua. However, owing to some health issues which arose for her there, she was moved to Tapo. Later she served on the very remote Tanga Island and after at Bitokara and Ulamona. In each of these places she looked after the household needs which included cooking. Through the years she shared her many and practical talents with the local people. She had a special place in her heart for the Youth and explored many ways of engaging them in practical activities and in sport. Her dear family in Australia generously supported her projects through the years.

In 1992, while in Australia for a home visit and a Renewal Course, she became aware of a new ‘call’. It was to assist her family, all of whom now had young families of their own, in the care of their elderly mother. Permission was given and she spent the next few years in the midst of the family where she became the beloved Aunt of all her nieces and nephews. She officially joined the Australian Province in 1994.

It was following the death of her dear mother that Floriane moved to Melbourne. Here, with Sr. Theonatis, she responded to the need for Pastoral Care at the Aged Care Facility for German speaking people in the suburb of Bayswater. Once more her love, faithfulness and generosity were experienced by all with whom she came in contact. Residents, staff and local parishioners all came to love her.

Floriane eventually moved to the Hospitality House where her practical talents have again been shared with all who visit. She was a person of great inner strength, warm hospitality and generosity of spirit. One of her joys in these last years was tending her garden where, as someone remarked, she could encourage new life in the most needy of plants.

As time went on, the cancer, detected about five years ago, gradually took over. However, her inner strength, which was built on her very deep faith and her love of the Lord and his dear Mother, sustained her throughout. Her last few days were spent at Caritas Christi Hospice for the dying where, on Wednesday, just as the dawn began to light up the morning sky, she died peacefully.

We give thanks to God for this wonderful companion, and we thank her dear family for sharing her with our M.S.C. Congregation. May Floriane delight now in the company of the One who called to her – “Follow Me.”

“I am espoused to Him whom the Angels serve,
                                             Whom the moon and stars admire.”
   (Final Profession Liturgy)

On Thursday 10th March at 11.00 am we will gather at Our Lady of Good Counsel Church in Deepdene for Requiem Mass and then accompany Sr. Floriane to the Eltham Cemetery.

On behalf of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of the Australian Province, 

Carmel Slattery MSC.

Carmel at the burial.


Thanks for photos: Carmel Butler MSC