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Annals Australasia

A Journal of Catholic Culture

Annals has been published from Sydney by the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart since 1889 when French missionaries arrived on their way to Papua New Guinea.

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Compass Theological Review

Compass is a Review of Topical Theology published quarterly by the Australian Province of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart.

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msc encounter

Encounter Magazine

MSC Encounter was a magazine for private circulation on spirituality and ministry.
It was started in 1964.

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 nelen yubu

Nelen Yubu

The Nelen Yubu Missiological Unit began in 1977 in the Northern Territory with the aim of working at the interface between Aboriginal society on the one hand and modern Australian evangelisation on the other. In the Ngangikurrungur language of the Daly River area nelen means 'way' and yubu means 'good' - a good way to travel.  Its tools are the resources of anthropological and sociological research. It began publishing its observations and findings particularly in the missiological journal which began in 1978 under the name of Tracks. It was renamed Nymuna, to avoid the name of a pre-existing journal, but then assumed the name it continued under until its end in 2002: Nelen Yubu.  Its logo was prepared for us by Miriam Rose Ungunmerr, who had painted the original on the pulpit of Daly River church.

Bro. Andy Howley and I were working out what to call our new magazine. I was thinking of John the Baptist’s call “to make the crooked ways straight” but the only dictionary we had of the Nangikurrungur language at Daly River gave us a word meaning ‘straight up’ in the sense of ‘in the air’, which would have given a misleading impression. Then Andy said we know the word for good: yubu, and the good way to go is often not the straight way! Our dictionary told us that the ‘good way’ is lelen yubu. Some months later I was at an MSC conference in New Ireland when I got a fax from Harry Wilson, leader of the Peppimenarti homeland group, telling me that the word for ‘way’ is nelen not lelen. Hoddinot, the anthropologist who compiled the Nangikurrungur dictionary we were using had used as informant a bright young girl whose father was Wadaman, a neighbouring tribe, who switched ‘n’ and ‘l’. She grew up to become, among other things, Senior Australian of the Year 2021, Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann.



 Perspective BannerPerspective

 Perspective was an educational journal for MSC Schools which was produced from 1976 to 2002.

  pdf Perspective No 1 Summer 1976 (6.24 MB)

  pdf Perspective No 53 Summer 2002 (7.30 MB)

  pdf Perspective Summary of Table of Contents 1976 2002 (4.29 MB)