Who we are

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an Australian community, in a worldwide religious congregation.

Ministry Mission

Jesus loved with a human heart: with him we proclaim his love to the world.

Peace, Justice, Creation

We work to discover through advocacy, healing and reconciliation, God's presence in our world.


We are to be on earth the heart of God. God has no other heart but ours.

MSC Brothers

barry smithThe Society of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart (MSC) is an apostolic religious community comprised of priests and brothers in which we share with one another who we are, what we have and what we do. And, like all MSC, MSC brothers take vows of  obedience, celibacy and poverty.

Since our fundamental vocation is to be a Missionary of the Sacred Heart; "to be on earth the Heart of God", MSC brothers are free to respond in a variety of practical ways to serve the Church and the Society according to their individual gifts, talents and personality.

Following the novitiate, in which all are afforded a solid spiritual formation to discern the call to religious life, MSC brothers have the opportunity to pursue theological studies, as well as secular professional qualifications, in preparation for mission.

john walker nurseThis mission, derived from the spirit that we share from our Founder Jules Chevalier, is expressed primarily in the way we try to relate to people – with love, kindness and compassion. In essence, we attempt to express what being a brother means from the inside; a clear sense of reaching out and 'brothering' to others in need.

"We want to be like Jesus who loved with a human heart; we want to love through him and with him and to proclaim his love to the world" (CS 10).

In Matthew's gospel we have a scene outside Jericho where two blind men are sitting by the road. They hear that Jesus is passing by, and they cry out, "Son of David! Have mercy on us!" Jesus stops and calls to them, "What do you want me to do for you?" (Mt 20:29-32).  Here is a simple yet significant question that exemplifies the heart of the MSC brother. Simple, because it directly seeks to uncover the immediate situation to be addressed. Significant, because it conveys no conditions, only a desire to serve.

In our Society today, MSC brothers are engaged in farming, finance, media production, music, nursing, spiritual direction, teaching, adult faith formation, catechesis, counselling, cooking, social justice, prison and hospital chaplaincy to name but some of our ways of serving. peter curry gerry bourke cooksHowever, we are defined not so much by what we do, but by who we are by witnessing to the presence of a compassionate God in our lives, and in our world.

Our way of life was born from the ardent desire to reproduce the apostolic ideal in which "the company of those who believed was of one heart and one soul, ... had everything in common, [and] devoted themselves to the apostle's teaching and fellowship, the breaking of bread and prayers" (Acts 4:35, 2:42).