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e-conference THE WAY OF THE HEART




On June 15th, the Heart of Life Spirituality Centre hosted an e-conference for the Conference of Spiritual Directors, Australia.  The production was made by the team from the diocese of Broken Bay.

The theme was The Way of the Heart, Journeys of Transformation.  It was transmitted on line from 10.30 am to 3.30 pm and was watched by several hundred viewers.

The complete conference can be seen on line.  Go to the website for CSD, the Conference of Spiritual Directors and follow the headings to connect to the conference site.  Each section of the conference is separately archived - check the right-hand column.

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The principal speaker was Paul Beirne, Dean of the Melbourne College of Divinity, and lecturer on eastern religions.  He presented three 20 minute reflections on The Donhak Way from Korea, illustrating his talk with 10 images of the oxherd searching for the wild ox, an allegory for the spiritual quest.  Responses of twenty minutes were made by spiritual director, Kate Garrone, and Peter Malone MSC.

The conference was introduced and brought to closure by Brian Gallager MSC, chair of the Conference of Spiritual Directors.  It was facilitated by Jill Mc Corquodale.  The live audience consisted of part-time and full-time students in the Siloam program for spiritual directors.

During the day, the live audience and those following the conference on-line had several opportunties for local discussions and for sending in questions which the panel of presenter and responders commented on for forty minutes.


The panel



The conference team:  left to right, Paul Beirne, Brian Gallagher, Peter Malone, Jill McCorquodale, Kate Garrone, Kevin Hennessy.