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On March 19th, Paul Castley set out on his Via Francigena pilgrimage from Canterbury to Rome.

After the Alps, he walked through northern Italy and sent a message from Siena.  This week, he reported that he has almost reached Rome.  Since June 29th, the Golden Jubilee of his ordination, is his target arrival date, he is in good time with mission almost accomplished.

From Siena.

I'm in Siena. Duomo stunning. Having a rest. About two weeks and 250 ks to go. Looking forward to normalcy. Had a great walk yesterday because I sort of got lost in the Tuscan bush. A dear lady and her grand daughter and a bus were the solution.

Heard of the Conventual Auxiliary at the conventuals in San Miniato Alto and saw some pictures of Camp Hill parishioners from Villanova Coorparoo on pilgrimage to Augustinian Convent San Gimignano. Met an American Mercy there who knows the American Mercies we've had out to work with us on Supervision of Spiritual Directors, so the Catholic world is a small world. A Scot and an American OSAs at San Gimignano were good to meet and the Scot produced Video of the King's Speech!!!

From La Giustiniana


I-m at La Giustiniana about 13 ks from the heart of Rome. I-ll be at the Corso del Rinascimento by midday tomorrow. I could have completed the journey today except I was told the wrong distances and that I had over 30 ks to do today. Wasn-t into that as it was 33 at la Storta. I-m fit and well but ready to get off my feet. It has been a demanding and wonderful experience but it-ll e enough walking for the present. Met some wonderful  people. Not seen much apart from when I-m walking as my feet suggest each evening they want a rest, though by a lucky mistake when I cheated a bit I ended up in Pisa and had enough time to see the tower.

I am looking forward to not having to try to talk either French or Italian most of the time.