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Since publishing God is Near in the early 1990s, Michael Morwood has written several books of popular theology.  At the time of Tomorrow's Catholic in the later 1990s, Andrew Hamilton S.J. wrote an article about this kind of writing, calling it 'Theology in Suburbia', attempts at exploring theological ideas in language that was more accessible than formal theological writing.

In his latest book, Michael uses a fable form rather than explicit theological language.  Frank Andersen MSC offers a brief review.

It takes a life of learning to be able to express profound matters simply and convincingly. In this delightfully titled fable, Michael Morwood does just that.

Even more importantly, as we are move through a moment in Church life when the boundaries of orthodox teaching are being strictly imposed, it takes an imaginative and creative approach to present foundational Catholic teaching in a story-form that gives no offence, that is filled with whimsy and delight and that relates ever so tellingly to the questions we all have about life and its demands upon our faith.

Of all Michael’s books, I have enjoyed this one the most. His style is beguiling, compelling. He is well-read, provocatively thoughtful and respectful of Tradition in this little volume dedicated to the memory of his mother. I would recommend this book to anyone who wishes to move more deeply into the heart of our faith.


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