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John Mulrooney writes:

Dear brothers,
Our congratulations to our new superior general elected five minutes ago!
ABZALON ALVARADO TOVAR has been elected the Superior General on the First ballot.
ABZALON is from Guatamala ordained in 1997.
He has a masters in theology and a Phd in psychotherapy. He has worked in parishes in Nicaragua as well as lecturing in theology of Religious Life. He has also been a formator.
Our congratulations to ABZALON and our prayerful best wishes are Keith him in the years ahead.
He is a wonderful choice.
Take care. God bless.
John Mulrooney msc
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Photo sent by Tim Brennan.
[Editor's note - at this early stage, we have two spellings, Absalon and Abzalon. Checking the Album Societatis 2010 - it has Absalon.]


Fr Jesu Arockiam from the General House sent the following notification and photos. With thanks to Jesu for sending everything so promptly.

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New Superior General of the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart


First Name: Mario Absalón

Family Name: ALVARADO Tovar

Date of Birth: 20 September 1970

Place of Birth: La Democracia


Country: Guatemala

First Profession: 15 August 1991

Final Profession: 15 August 1994

Priestly Ordination: 25 October 1997

Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese

ABSALÓN has a Masters in Theology as well as PhD in Psychotherapy. He has worked in parishes in Nicaragua as well as lecturing on the theology of Religious Life. He has been formator and promotor of vocations in his province. He had been Provincial Superior since 2013.

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Day 6 of the MSC General Chapter

We began our morning reflecting on Acts 1and the election of Mattias to join the ministry of Peter and the other apostles. This was followed by a time of prayer and sharing in small groups.

In the morning session Fr. Mark McDonald outlined the role and responsibility of the Superior General. Chapter members were given time to speak with one another about possible candidates prior to Mass at Noon.

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In the afternoon Fr. Mark McDonald explained the election process to the Chapter members. There was then an hour of prayer before the election took place.

Fr. Abzalón Alvarado Tovar was elected as the Superior General on the first count.

Upon his election, Fr. Abzalón thanked God for the honour. He also thanked his brothers for their trust and confidence. He promised to do the best he can to serve the Congregation and be there to animate our mission. He acknowledged the importance of having a team and all his brothers around him. He said that we walk together in the hands of God. He thanked Fr. Mark, Fr. Carl and the General team for all their work so far.

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He then washed the feet of five of his confreres from different continents around the world where we minister. He asked all the brothers to keep him and his team in their prayers.

Claude Mostowik adds:

Father Abzalon Tovar washes the feet of representatives from five continents to the song by Father Frank Andersen's we are made for service (and apologies to Frank for the Anderson instead of Andersen!)

Following the election, the day’s business was concluded. The entire Chapter retired to celebrate Fr. Abzalón’s election.

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Many thanks for all the prayers and we would ask you to continue to pray for the work of the Chapter.

Summary from Alan Neville