Who we are

Missionaries of the Sacred Heart, an Australian community, in a worldwide religious congregation.

Ministry Mission

Jesus loved with a human heart: with him we proclaim his love to the world.

Peace, Justice, Creation

We work to discover through advocacy, healing and reconciliation, God's presence in our world.


We are to be on earth the heart of God. God has no other heart but ours.

Current News


Brother Herman Kooyman MSC lives in Darwin. He has had surgery on his legs and lives in care.  Today is his 83rd birthday.  Visitors to our site might like to hear about him, his scooter and mobility and his creative work.


From the Deputy Provincial’s recent update: Herman Kooyman reports that he has a new mobility scooter to zip around Darwin on.

abzalon and herman

Going back a year, Herman with Superior General, Abzalon.

He says “I am quite happy with it, only the batteries are a lot smaller. We made a wooden box and fixed that on the scooter with two extra batteries. So now Bro. Ted (Ted Merritt) thinks that I should be able to do about 50 kms on the batteries. That is even better than my old scooter.


I am including a photo of the Hindu temples I made and so far I have made 22 of them.  But that is the last of them for me because they are just too hard for me to make.  I still have other jobs so I will not run out of work.”

Earlier this year Noel Mansfield reported: I spent some time with Herman Kooyman while I was in Darwin. He is still making things. His latest project is making homes for birds that are one of Bishop Charles’ hobbies.  Wishing Herman well.