On the eve of the Feast of the Sacred Heart, a focus on Our Lady of the Sacred Heart.

olsh surigao

A beautiful 3-meter relief of Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in stone. In MSC Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Shrine & Spirituality Center, Canlanipa, Surigao City.

olsh shrine surigao

The Filipino Province is making an appeal for the building of the shrine – and some photos of progress.

Help Build the Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Shrine

olsh shrine surigao 4

In 2008, the MSC celebrated its 100 years presence in the Philippines and dreamt of building a special sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart in Surigao City where the MSCs first landed.

olsh shrine surigao 3

This Place of Devotion is dedicated to her, not only as a sign of our gratitude for all the past graces but also a place where people can feel her special presence.

olsh shrine surigao 2

At this stage, the basic structure of the church - the centerpiece of the sanctuary - has been realized.

olsh shrine surigao frame

And at the moment, we are preparing for the stone works; walls, flooring, doors stained-glass windows, statues, pews and other furniture, and the development of the surroundings.

olsh surigao