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 "Grumbling tummies but hearts full for the Ration Challenge"

Chevalier College Ration Challenge Team 2019

 Some of the 120+ team members from Chevalier College taking the Ration Challenge in 2019.

With a team of more than 120 students from Years 7 to 12, along with some of their teachers, the Chevalier College community has once again taken the national lead in the School’s Challenge for Refugee Week (June 16-23) helping vulnerable communities around the world with funds for food, medicines and education.


An Act for Peace campaign, the Ration Challenge was launched in schools last year, joining hundreds of others across Australia putting themselves in the shoes of a refugee for a week.

With nearly $21,000 already committed to the cause, the whole Chevalier school community has raised the sponsorship bar, leading the national tally for two years in a row and inspiring others to take the challenge.

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Year 7s Bridget Ryan is ranking #14 on the national School’s Leaderboard, well exceeding her $300 target.

Social Justice Coordinator and Religious Education Teacher at Chevalier College, Leonie Stone said the students are excited to take delivery of their Ration Packs on Friday 14 June, ahead of the challenge during the week commencing Monday 16 June. 

“The students have put in the efforts to get their sponsors on-board” said Leonie, “they’ve attended meetings in their break times and are gearing up now to take on the physical and mental challenges of enduring the coming days getting by on the meagre food ration that a Syrian refugee would receive.”

“We’re learning about refugees in our English class and seeing what they’re going through” said Year 9 student Elaina Florence “and I thought this is an opportunity to walk in their shoes, and it helps us to understand what’s going on in the world that we live in.”

“We’re privileged in Australia” said Mathilda Richardson from Year 9, “we get enough food and we mostly have enough money, so I think it’s a good experience to help others if we can.”

A surprise visit from Act for Peace Global Marketing Manager Kaz McGrath during last year’s campaign really motivated the Chev team who blitzed the schools’ national tally with more than $20,000 in sponsorship funds.

With their 2019 target already exceeded, Chevalier College’s heart-centred ethos and learning focus is beautifully expressed through the generosity of the young people and their families in responding to community outreach programs like the Ration Challenge and St Vincent de Paul’s annual Winter Appeal.

The college is very appreciative of the support of their families and the wider community who will celebrate Sacred Heart Day together on Friday 28 June and present the always popular Mission Concert, another highlight of the college calendar that raises funds for the missions.

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  Chevalier College – Top school team, ranking #1 on the national School’s Leaderboard, at 104% of their $20,000 target so far.


Chevalier College Ration Challenge Team 2019