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DP Christmas vigil 2

Christmas Vigil

More than 140 people attended our Christmas Vigil Mass, celebrated for the first time by our new Parish Priest Tony Arthur.

DP Christmas Vigil congregation

The service began with carols led by Trish Smith (organ) and daughter Amy Parish (guitar & vocals) ably supported by Josef Senjuk (violin) and the choir. Trish has been through a horror run of three major surgeries, so it was a blessing to have her back in time for Christmas.

DP Christmas Vigil and trish organ

Main celebrant Tony Arthur with Rey Flapper

DP Christmas Vigil ADA and Rey Flapper

The 'party scene' is that of the celebration organised entirely for the first time by the parishioners of DP.  

DP Christmas Vigil Supper

Christmas Lunch – DP community

Twelve of us gathered for our community Christmas lunch, including Pat Austin who is here on retreat, and Ron our cook. A good time was had by all, especially by our longest-tenured member Reg Pritchard (who turned 93 last September).   

DP Christmas Vigil congregation