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love of god and neighbor1

There has been a centuries-old tradition to focus on the Heart of Jesus on the First Friday of each month.

This year, our site would like to offer a brief Heart Spirituality reflection. While our site offers MSC news, photos, associated stories, we would also like to offer inspiration and devotion.

This month, the focus is on love of God and love of neighbour, priorities.

The text is from St Augustine, his Treatises on St John (Prayer of the Church, Office of Readings, January 3).

“Always, at all times, reflect that you must love God and your neighbour: God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind; your neighbour as yourself.

love of god and neighbour 2

The love of God comes first in the order of command, but the love of neighbour first in the order of action. Whoever would teach you this love in two commandments should not, and to you first your neighbour and then God, but first God and then your neighbour.

You do not see God, but by loving your neighbour you gain the sight of God; by loving your neighbour, you purify your eye for seeing God, as John says clearly: “if you do not love the brother and sister whom you see, how will you be able to love God whom you do not see?”.…

Love your neighbour therefore, and observe the source of that love in you; there, as best you can, you will see God.”

love of god and neighbour 3