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line on      AGAIN

Visitors to the site will have seen that we have been off-line since the weekend. Thankfully, the difficulties have been solved with thanks to our administrator.

In fact, the only two things wrong were that Current News and Justice Matters, Latest News were the only two areas not working.  But, for those who are friends linked with the MSC Province Facebook page, clicking the respective items from Current News and Latest News brought them up.

This is an opportunity to remind visitors to have a look each week at Latest News (below Justice Matters) to find Liturgy Notes for the coming Sunday and some Justice items.

It was a pity that we went offline the day that we posted the item on the Spirituality Course by Hans Kwakman with indications of how to find the course under the Who We Are, Lay MSC headings.


A sad piece of news came in over the weekend, news of the death of Brendan Kelly who joined the MSC from Tasmania in 1970 and was in Formation at Croydon, Canberra in 1971 and the Novitiate at Croydon, 1972.  Many will remember him from that time.  May he rest in peace.