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Facebook provides a lot of photos of MSC life around the world. But, not everyone is on Facebook, so here are some photos from recent postings.

ribat synod francis

Quite a number of accounts have featured Cardinal John Ribat hurrying to the Synod meetings where he is one of the presidents. A friend is hurrying with him.

ribat and be incognito before the synod

And, with St Peters as background, he and Ben Fleming, his Vicar General, are incognito before the Synod.

ribat ben chevalier day piazza navona 2

The Cardinal was the celebrant for Chevalier Day at the Church of OLSH in Piazza Navona.

Ribat ben Chevalier day Piazza Navona 1

Also a photo of Hans Kwakman MSC from Cor Novum, Issoudun, and author of the course on Fr Chevalier and Heart Spirituality.

hans kwakman 2

Some may be wondering what numbers are like for those joining the MSC in other provinces. Here is a photo of students in Indonesia, our largest province.

pineling humberto scholastic numbers 2


ribat synod francis