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Often people ask where confreres not buried at Douglas Park are actually buried. Our cemetery at Croydon is now on the grounds of the former Monastery, now the parish of Croydon. The cemetery is about to receive some further upkeep work.


Rev. Br. Donald Drewette MSC

Born: 14th July 1902

Professed: 16th July 1927

Died: 9th January 1954

Rev. Br. Patrick Canty MSC

Born: 11th April 1927

Professed: 26th February 1947

Died: 25th April 1980

Rev. Br. George Carter MSC

Born: 3rd February 1900

Professed: 10th November 1931

Died: 27th February 1969

Rev. Br. Robert Howley MSC

Born: 8th Sept 1914

Professed: 26th July 1934

Died: 20th November 1983

Rev. Br. Joseph Steele MSC

Born: 20th April 1916

Professed: 26th February 1937

Died: 21st May 1940

Rev. Br. Demetrio Sepe MSC

Born: 30th March 1942

Professed: 31st May 1963

Died: 1st April 1969

Rev. Br. Konrad Spellmeyer MSC

Born: 10th June 1932

Professed: 29th October 1952

Died: 25th May 1987

Rev. Br. Desmond Walsh MSC

Born: 5th September 1924

Professed: 5th August 1953

Died: 2nd March 1990

Rev. Fr. Maurice McPhillamy MSC

Born: 2nd October 1919

Professed: 26th February 1940

Ordained: 28th July 1946

Died: 15th May 1978

Rev. Fr. Cuthbert Hoy MSC

Born: 8th December 1902

Professed: 26th February 1924

Ordained: 30th November 1929

Died: 18th November 1971

Rev. Fr. Leo McManus MSC

Born: 1st June 1908

Professed: 26th February 1928

Ordained: 30th October 1933

Died: 19th September 1977

Rev. Fr. John McManus MSC

Born: 22nd February 1907

Professed: 26th February 1925

Ordained: 1st December 1930

Died: 25th August 1970

Rev. Fr. Alfred Finch MSC

Born: 19th December 1884

Professed: 26th February 1915

Ordained: 30th November 1922

Died: 21st May 1940

Rev. Fr. James Raymond MSC

Born: 10th October 1924

Professed: 26th February 1945

Ordained: 22nd July 1951

Died: 1st January 1984

Rev. Fr. Harold Bridgwood MSC

Born: 22nd March 1885

Professed: 15th August 1903

Ordained: 1st June 1912

Died: 14th February 1971

Rev. Fr. John Clancy MSC

Born: 10th November 1922

Professed: 26th February 1951

Ordained: 28th July 1957

Died: 6th April 1984

Rev. Fr. Patrick Moloney MSC

Born: 23rd November 1877

Professed: 8th December 1902

Ordained: 30th November 1909

Died: 10th June 1961

Rev. Fr. George Taylor MSC

Born: 29th August 1893

Professed: 26th February 1921

Ordained: 30th November 1926

Died: 28th August 1983

Rev. Fr. Henry Darcy Morris MSC

Born: 4th November 1904

Professed: 26th February 1923

Ordained: 28th July 1929

Died: 23rd June 1955